Does your website answer all your visitors question? Are trial users abandoning the app in confusion? Wouldn't you like to have established a relationship with your customers, so you understand their needs, concerns, and questions?

Intercom is one of the best steps a startup can take in establishing a relationship with their customers, deeply understanding their market, and helping their users get the most value from their app. These are one of the bedrocks of a good retention strategy so I've created a series of small consulting offering to get you start

Strategy call

Are you thinking about using Intercom? Or do you have it installed but feel you should be getting more value from it? In this 1-hour strategy call, we’ll walk through your business, identifying where you can use Intercom to build better relationships with your customers, provide out-of-this-world support, and use analytics to support your onboarding and marketing automation.


Installation Roadmap

Integrating Intercom is just a simple matter of pasting in the Javascript snippet, right? Well, I’ve learnt some hard lessons about why it takes a lot more than that to make Intercom successful for your business. How will you build a staging environment? What custom data will you pass to Intercom? What events will you send to Intercom?

We’ll have a phone call to walk through your app and discuss the business priorities that brought you to Intercom. I’ll review your app and produce a step-by-step report on how your development team can approach Intercom: the basic implementation steps, how to configure a staging environment, what custom data should be sent to Intercom (and how), what events to send (and when, with what metadata), what customer segments to create, outlines for automated message sequences, and a project breakdown you can drop straight into your project management software.

The implementation includes general recommendations applicable to any web stack, along with sample code for Ruby on Rails.

As a bonus, we’ll have a post-implementation follow-up call to review your implementation, how it’s performing for you, and identify any refinements for the future.

$2050 / $2300 (with a bonus implementation follow-up)

Installation (for Rails apps only)

You know that every day that goes by before you integrate Intercom, your customers are getting a worse support experience and you’re losing trial users because you can’t effectively onboard them onto your product. But your developers are all tied up in feature development and your “Integrate Intercom” task has been sitting in the backlog for weeks.

I’ve built some deep Intercom integrations and know that there’s more to it than just pasting in the Javascript snippet. For a fixed price, I’ll integrate the Intercom chat widget, send the appropriate business data and events to Intercom, set up your knowledge base, and create the segments and message sequences your business requires.


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